Brides look for romantic wedding dresses

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Warm and romantic may wedding season, will you walk into the wedding church have their own expectations of the perfect wedding dress? Do you know which one really belongs to you? Different design design and material wedding dress represent different bridal temperament. Regardless of career and body, Lillian bride looks for the beautiful dress that belongs to you...

One: "delicate and exquisite feeling is my favorite, like the elegant and delicate charm of jiangnan women"

Dream: a gentle and quiet bride is expected

Fit: medium build

Style recommendation: vintage full-lace fishtail wedding dress /, lace padded bust A small trailing wedding dress

Detailed comments: whole lace is the most popular wedding dress selection in recent years. Generally, three-dimensional lace will be selected as the main fabric, and the cutting design is most suitable for fishtail and small tail A pendulum. The understated and luxurious texture of lace is irreplaceable by ordinary fabrics. Due to the complexity of fabric technology, time and labor, the cost of the lace wedding dress is relatively high.

Tip: there are many different kinds of lace, and the difference between texture and effect is huge. Brides should touch the material of their wedding dress and try it on. It has a smooth touch, fine and three-dimensional pattern, and the lace with fashion sense is the fine lace.

2. "the fresh and elegant design can best reflect my fashion sense"

Dream: to be a gracious and elegant city bride

Fit: tall and flat

Style recommendations: three-dimensional flowers decorated wedding dress/slanted shoulder style wedding dress

Comments on details: three-dimensional flower decoration can modify the body defects, while giving people a fresh look. The slanted shoulder style is perfect for an elegant bride, like the hero of Greek mythology, looking forward to a very stylish wedding...

Tip: these styles are available in a wide variety of fabrics, including chiffon, silk and organza. It is important to choose the location of three-dimensional flowers wisely.

Three "although move toward mature, still hope lively lovely young feeling... "

Dream: a pretty and lovely bride with little woman charm

Fit: short and thin

Style recommendation: dress with irregular hemlines/short dresses

Detail review: break traditional short marriage gauze, reduced burden on the vision, also can foil the air of short bride at the same time.

Four "if I can, I want to be spectacular... "

Dream: a noble and gorgeous bride like a goddess

Suitable for body shape: full and round

Style recommendation: luxury wedding dress with tail trailer/jewel embellished wedding dress

Detail review: gorgeous big drag tail can reveal grand feeling absolutely, gem is bright the effect that dazzing also can let you become the focal point of the court easily.

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