The bride often chooses her wedding dress according to the fabric, workmanship, price and her own body condition, but she often ignores the important factor of choosing a wedding dress according to the wedding venue. For different wedding venues, choose different wedding dresses to make your wedding more perfect.

Choose wedding dress according to wedding venue 1, star hotel

Star class hotel is general on building style grand and magnificent, grand banquet hall, cooperate such place atmosphere, the proposal chooses the marriage gauze that atmosphere, luxuriant move is dye-in-the-wood, of satin big drag end marriage gauze is good choice. In the meantime, in modelling respect, also can choose bright diamond to build luxurious modelling, cooperate solemn meeting place atmosphere. If it's summer, opt for lighter, flowing lace or a mix of other fabrics and satin. Suit qiu dong's marriage gauze, satin face, the luxurious feeling in romance, the sedate feeling in thick solid.

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Choose your wedding dress according to the venue

The club is more humane than the hotel, and is also very private. The style of the club is more intense commonly, new person can choose classic and fashionable feeling coexist marriage gauze, at the same time add appropriate individual character. Through the wedding dress to show a noble performance of personal identity, reflect the strength or will be re-wedding. In spring and summer, you can choose short, medium and long styles to show the sense of The Times and coordinate with the buildings and surrounding environment. Choose satin indoors and yarn outdoors. Headwear can be slightly exaggerated, with a slightly exaggerated look with the veil, is now the bride dress up very popular dress beautiful methods.

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Choose a wedding dress according to the wedding venue 3, restaurant and general hotel

If the wedding venue is chosen in the general hotel or restaurant, then accordingly the wedding dress can choose fashion, more popular, generally do not choose a particularly advanced wedding dress. Because the wedding venue may be limited, the large trailing wedding dress cannot be effectively displayed, and it is inconvenient to move. Fashion wedding dresses are not necessarily cheap, the space is limited, the bride and guests are closer, so more to ensure the quality of the wedding dress. The bride can wipe the chest but not too low, showing elegant, generous, but do not lose the sense of sanctity.

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Choose your wedding dress according to the wedding venue. 4

The church wedding is sacred and solemn, which is the wedding form pursued by modern couples. Church wedding dress should be more careful, not any wedding dress can be chosen. A church wedding is perfect for a vintage wedding dress. Use lace elements to cover bare skin, sexy without losing solemnity. The wedding dress is also perfect for a church wedding. The wide aisle allows the wedding dress to spread out, and also highlights the elegance of the dress and the beauty of the bride. However, the sexy wedding dresses, such as deep V, heart-shaped collars and backless, are not suitable for church weddings and are disrespectful to the clergy.

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Choose a wedding dress according to the wedding venue. 5

More and more couples are going to the seaside and island to hold beach weddings. Beach weddings are not suitable for wedding dresses that are too complicated. Sea-view wedding featured romance, the bride's wedding dress was blown by the sea wind, that is how beautiful picture? Condole belt, one shoulder, or the marriage gauze that shoulder belt is decorated slightly, can choose. Remember a word, light; The effect created that way is also a word, immortal. And the marriage gauze of silk of fabrics massiness, heavy and complicated adornment marriage gauze, too long head gauze does not suit beach wedding.

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Choose a wedding dress according to the wedding venue

In the open air, you are in the sunshine. It is very romantic to be close to nature. Lawn wedding to the wedding dress selection at a casual degree is also very large, bride can choose according to love.

Like the a-line wedding dress, the pompous wedding dress, the royal high waist small trailing wedding dress, are suitable lawn wedding choice. The hemlines of this kind of wedding dress are relatively wide, but not burdensome. In lawn, if the bride chooses gift dress is too thin, can not exist feeling. Because this can choose design a bit richer marriage gauze. However, the field wedding venue is much wider, but the large tail is still a stable selection, which is inconsistent with the characteristics of the field accompanying.

Wedding dress,

Choose your wedding dress according to the venue

Natural and spacious outdoor space makes people relaxed and happy, feeling very comfortable. Whether it is a lawn or a square, there is a wide range of wedding dress options. A short wedding dress with a tail length, floor length or a small wedding dress is a good choice. Soft white gauze, the bud silk that restore ancient ways and wen wan, still have romantic chiffon, the bride can exert oneself to the top of one's bent imagination.

For example, a cute little wedding dress over the knee with a long and exaggerated veil, imagine when you run on the lawn or the square, the skirt swings with people, the veil flutters in the wind, what a beautiful scene!

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