Integrate into the wedding songs, let the love warm up

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Integrate into the wedding songs, let the love warm up

Music is a natural venue for the grand wedding reception. The following us all the way to get to know each other: 1 wedding banquet reception first before the first, is guest appearances in succession table hour. Classical violin is the preferred reception sites, natural is present in the build elegant wedding the first, every man city view very eagerly look forward to the bride and groom. And in the grand wedding banquet, music nature is little not. So what are the songs for reception sites? First wedding reception, first wedding reception, is the time for guests to arrive and take their seats. "Ave maria" (schubert) "ave maria" (ancient) in the warm season "(Bach)" joy of love "(ke) resler the nutcracker suite (Tchaikovsky) the eu and the song of (ray ha son) the violin concerto no. 8 (vivaldi)" swirling "(Mozart) the four sequence (vivaldi) the royal cook a fire suite; like Handel) 2 wedding ceremony wedding ceremony first, if the best man, bridesmaids, and flower girl and the bride and groom played separation, when the music is best for the bride and groom to music space, Highlight the important position of the bride and groom. The venue of the wedding party music should be soothing and elegant. Here are two famous classical music: "D tuning of the eve of the cannon (palmer QuBei) spin shangdi aria" G "(Bach) 3 the bride and groom played traditional repertoire and attractions is held the wedding banquet". For known as "the wedding banquet held song" a total of two, separation of Mendelssohn and Wagner works. Mendelssohn to held the wedding banquet "is Shakespeare's drama" a midsummer night's dream "by the music. If the reception is not in the church, more over using the land is Wagner" wedding banquet held qu ". This is Wagner opera "RON green" made to guide the ladies in the third act the bride and groom into the new house to mixed chorus song, Adapted for tube spinning music became to the wedding banquet held song at the moment. This piece of music melody gently beautiful, not to drop in the pragmatic, music is the most suitable for the bride and groom entry. If the two capital is very like, often used as played music, Wagner Mendelssohn is exit song. Music for the wedding banquet, with this a few, your wedding banquet will inevitably become more warmth, more grand, more sacred!

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