How should a church wedding bride choose her wedding dress

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The wedding is sacred in the church, so the wedding dress must be very formal. Never wear a low-cut or short dress.

After choosing a church wedding, when choosing a wedding dress, it is best to choose the collar design of a Chinese wedding dress with a high collar design, or the regular breast design.

On the skirt, it is best to choose the wedding dress with long trailing tails. If you are not used to such a wedding dress, it is also a good choice to have a small trailing wedding dress. Because the architectural style of the church is tall and bright, when you step on the red carpet from the door of the church, the long tail will make you look more luxurious and dignified.

Because want to appear formal, so the head gauze choice had better also choose those long money mop the style of the ground, such a head gauze can make the integral modelling of the bride looks more elegant and holy, have a kind of feeling up, symbolize yearning heaven. Especially the tall and tall bride, such a wedding dress can especially foil the bride's temperament, so that the bride start road to appear more dignified and elegant.

In bridal design, had better choose dignified and elegant A word skirt is put, if be the bridal gown that has big skirt to support can appear more formal. Such a wedding dress is very common in the chaos of European and American styles. Such a wedding dress is very formal and can make the bride look more dignified and elegant, and it is also convenient to drag and follow the stride.

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