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Bridesmaid dresses should not be too gaudy to steal the bride's thunder, but not too simple.

Bridesmaid dress selection skills 1. Elaborate and clever design of the dress

No matter how cute a dress is, once worn as a bridesmaid dress, it's likely to be shelved later. But the destiny of a dress also can have turn over a bit of floret edge, a bit flower shape adornment, the skirt edge of different design or beautiful neckline, the clever hand of stylist can bridesmaid dress dozen make elegant evening outfit, let it get rid of the destiny that is being left in the corner of almirah by air to get slighted.

Smart bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid dress selection skills 2. Uniform color

It's certainly true that every bridesmaid dresses in harmony with each other, but every girl has different body and temperament, so choose a uniform color and fabric, and the rest is up to them.

Uniform color

Bridesmaid dress selection techniques 3. Flowers

Each bridesmaid can be given a bouquet of flowers of different types, but all are wedding colors. So if your wedding is pink and green, ask one bridesmaid for a bouquet of pink roses, another for a bouquet of purple peonies, and the next for a bouquet of green hydrangea balls. Your bouquet can be one or two of these flowers, a large color collection, the bride's bouquet can be a little bigger than the bridesmaid's bouquet.


Bridesmaid dress selection skills 4. Accessories

Bridesmaid jewelry is optional, so let the bridesmaids choose the accessories themselves. Of course, you need to point out which kind of jewelry they want to wear (pearls, silver or gold), but when it comes to the details, let them choose from their hidden treasures.


How to choose bridesmaid dresses 5

Pick a knee-length dress to avoid a second change. Of course, they may ask for some modifications to other parts of the dress, but at least they don't have to wear too high heels to avoid tripping over the hem of the dress.


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