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Big belly bride wedding photo

dodano: 5 godzin temu przez stangstyle

  Cohabitation before marriage is nothing new for urban men and women, however, things have escalated recently. A wedding dress store owner told reporters that at present, the first pregnancy before marriage seems to be more "popular." At this time, his wedding dress shop has received a number of "big belly" brides, some bride waist is too large, so that the shop...


Teach new wedding dress fabric recognition rules

dodano: przedwczoraj, 04:51 przez stangstyle

  To get married, choosing a wedding dress is an important step, among which the fabric of the wedding dress is the most important, to understand the selection of wedding dress fabric recognition rules. Satin features: satin is the most commonly used wedding dress fabric. Texture is thicker, good drape has weight sense, warm strong, suitable for spring, autumn and winter wedding when the...


Summer wedding dresses

dodano: 17 sierpnia, 04:43 przez stangstyle

  Summer does not suit to wear thick marriage gauze, this is not only because of the hot weather, also do not match with the style of the wedding, the marriage of summer is cool and refreshing give priority to, and still a lot of new people chose houseboat wedding, seaside marriage is waited a moment, need at this time the tie that has bikini element is worn marriage gauze. A deep v-neck,...


What do you need to prepare in advance

dodano: 16 sierpnia, 04:48 przez stangstyle

  For many new couples, taking wedding photos is a very memorable day to celebrate. It is indeed a very important thing to take wedding photos, but it is not easy to take a set of wedding photos. What needs to be prepared in advance? To be honest, standing on the man's point of view: it is a waste of money and waste spirit, but to keep the most beautiful bride of the most beautiful moment,...


The bride's makeup style makes the most beautiful bride

dodano: 15 sierpnia, 04:45 przez stangstyle

  The bride's makeup style makes the most beautiful bride Bright green, The bride with lively disposition, pure, fair skin, appropriate bright, lively green, full of spring breath, fully reveal the bride's mood. Lipstick, rouge application coral powder, bright orange red, golden, light green eye shadow, more add a bit lovely. The eye makeup of green makeup look wants bright, labial...


Good air conditioning makes the wedding inn more quiet

dodano: 14 sierpnia, 10:51 przez stangstyle

  Good air conditioning makes the wedding inn more quiet Guests arrive from afar to attend the wedding ceremony of the bride and groom. To provide guests a quiet, comfortable, healthy to wedding, examines the wedding hotels to choose from the hour just have good land KFR - 51 lw/DY - IB (R3) to the hotel. The bride and groom wedding day, many guests will be all the way to the wedding...


Integrate into the wedding songs, let the love warm up

dodano: 10 sierpnia, 04:50 przez stangstyle

  Integrate into the wedding songs, let the love warm up Music is a natural venue for the grand wedding reception. The following us all the way to get to know each other: 1 wedding banquet reception first before the first, is guest appearances in succession table hour. Classical violin is the preferred reception sites, natural is present in the build elegant wedding the first, every man...


Happy and happy love wedding planning theme

dodano: 8 sierpnia, 08:27 przez stangstyle

  Happy and happy love wedding planning theme Takeaway: triumph over our love story will be very good, dear, please trust me we will be in the future please escape time through. Geranium - love please escape yourselves. Triumph over our love story will be very good, dear, please trust me we will be in the future please escape time through. Guangzhou wedding banquet re-examination for you...


How should a church wedding bride choose her wedding dress

dodano: 7 sierpnia, 04:53 przez stangstyle

  The wedding is sacred in the church, so the wedding dress must be very formal. Never wear a low-cut or short dress. After choosing a church wedding, when choosing a wedding dress, it is best to choose the collar design of a Chinese wedding dress with a high collar design, or the regular breast design. On the skirt, it is best to choose the wedding dress with long trailing tails. If...


How do you practice your facial expressions before taking w

dodano: 4 sierpnia, 08:01 przez stangstyle

  For those who don't take pictures very often, make them suddenly face the camera and pose in various positions. Then they must be awkward and confused. So, if you don't want to be one of them, get the wed114 wedding editor to teach you how to take a photo. How do you practice your facial expressions before taking wedding photos Practice facing the mirror Mirrors, but we all love...


Unique marriage customs of the achang people

dodano: 3 sierpnia, 08:18 przez stangstyle

  China is a multi-ethnic country. Every nation has its own culture, and of course its own strange customs of marriage. In some ethnic minorities, it is not easy to get a wife. If you understand the marriage customs of the achang nationality, you can know how difficult it is to get a wife in some ethnic minority areas. The young people of achang nationality call love a "string of...


How does the expression of the eyes that take wedding gauze

dodano: 2 sierpnia, 04:39 przez stangstyle

photograph make electric eye It is natural for the couple to show every detail in wedding photos and try to make every point perfect. One of the most important things is the use of the eyes of the characters. Today small make up is introduced to take wedding gauze photograph the eye big method in the strategy, see how to make the electric eye in wedding gauze photograph extraordinary move....


Bridesmaid dress selection skills wedding best friend rule

dodano: 1 sierpnia, 07:57 przez stangstyle

      Bridesmaid dresses should not be too gaudy to steal the bride's thunder, but not too simple. Bridesmaid dress selection skills 1. Elaborate and clever design of the dress No matter how cute a dress is, once worn as a bridesmaid dress, it's likely to be shelved later. But the destiny of a dress also can have turn over a bit of floret edge, a bit flower shape...