Common accessories for wedding dresses

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In recent years, the rise of re-handmade wedding dresses, a very important indicator to evaluate the cost of a wedding dress is the amount of handwork. Today, the small unit of jinan comus wedding dress customization will show you the common accessories of wedding dresses:

Laser beam:

Laser sequins are usually decorated at the bottom of the wedding dress pattern, or a large area is used at the hem of the wedding dress.

Pearl decoration

Pearl gives a person with elegant and luxurious feeling, decorate with big and small pearl on wedding dress, foil more the palace feeling and ritual feeling, it is the auxiliary material that a lot of custom wedding dress must choose.

Crystal auger:

All shapes and sizes of auger collages or individual inlays on the wedding dress, with radium bead pieces and pearl decorations, the lighting up bling bling very shiny, suitable for a wedding in the dark.

Embroidery or embroidery:

The common adornment style of traditional style is helpful to show the classical beauty of the bride.

Hand-decorated flowers:

The stereo adornment that has lively breath is spent, add a lively quality to bridal gown.

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