A bra and a wedding dress are a golden pair. The right bra is the key to a curvy and stylish wedding dress! However, many bride-to-be only focus on the choice of wedding dresses and dresses, often ignoring the matching of underwear, which is a fatal mistake: a fitting underwear is the soul of the wedding dress, unless born with a devil figure, the bride should wear the wedding dress out of S curve, the success or failure lies in the bra!

1. The best match for plump bride's wedding dress is the stereoscopic collection bra

Marry into the rich door of xu ziqi, the figure is plump, so when choosing wedding dress, choose to have the wedding dress of condole belt. In the choice of a wedding bra, she clearly chose a shape-shifting bra with a supporting function.

Wedding bra recommendation: for plump women, mbatha is designed for busty or outstretched brides to draw straight and upright without marks. The 360-degree three-dimensional lifting is concentrated, which immediately improves the breast line, turns the attention to sexy breasts, and weakens the lines below the waist.

2. Magic exquisite cup bra, small breast bride cup upgrade savior

Zhang ziyi is a petite woman with a well-proportioned body and good lines, except for her flat chest. She usually chooses bras that are more focused and stiffer, and dresses with detailed designs on her breasts complement her figure and look great.

Wedding bra recommendation: meng baasha specially designed the magic linglong cup bra for women with small breasts and flat breasts. Linglong cup supports the chest like the palm of a hand.

Big red festive bra, for this year's bride even more happy

Autumn and winter weather turns cold, the bride that chooses long-sleeved cheongsam or formal attire, or this year's bride, underwear collocation is red department happy bra, happy the day of big happy double happiness!

Wedding dress bra recommendation: the red and festive bra made for Chinese brides. U - shaped tiara + wide side ratio, double - effect gathering, luxury leopard print and embroidery, more charming bride flavor.

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