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How to make your wedding more romantic

dodano: 30 lipca, 04:36 przez stangstyle

  Being able to have a perfect wedding is like having a perfect feast of your own, so the bride and groom will always treat their wedding with great care. Is there any trick to make the wedding exquisite in details? Next, introduce a couple of wedding romantic elements to the bride and groom to make your wedding feast fashionable and romantic. There is nothing more romantic candlelight...

  A bra and a wedding dress are a golden pair. The right bra is the key to a curvy and stylish wedding dress! However, many bride-to-be only focus on the choice of wedding dresses and dresses, often ignoring the matching of underwear, which is a fatal mistake: a fitting underwear is the soul of the wedding dress, unless born with a devil figure, the bride should wear the wedding dress out...


The fabric of the wedding dress

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  The main fabric of wedding dress is satin, thick forging, bright forging, lace, crystal yarn, organza and mesh yarn. The same kind of fabric has the distinction that imports and homebred again, the two kinds that imports Europe and Japan and Korea again, the class that material is different also decides marriage gauze different and price. Wedding dress customization For the gauze...

  How to choose the venue for the wedding banquet? The following is a detailed analysis for you, so that couples can better and better know how to choose the venue for the wedding banquet. 1. Does the wedding venue need pillars If there is a pillar on the banquet hall, it will affect the view of guests to watch the wedding. Therefore, it is better to choose the banquet hall without...


Photo experience of indoor wedding photos

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  The bride and groom choose indoor photograph of marriage gauze also has a large number of, are you the gens that love indoor marriage gauze photography shoot? But what are the precautions for taking indoor wedding photos? We can solve this problem for you, because it is related to whether you are satisfied or not. Let me explain below. The first is to need to protect skin. Keep your...

People rely on clothing, three points appearance, seven points grooming, it can be seen that clothing to a person's importance. There are no ugly women, only lazy women, as an elegant beauty, always pay attention to dressing up, not to mention taking wedding photos of such an important moment. So, how do wedding photos go with clothes? First, choose the style of clothes according to the...


Winter wedding photography has several advantages

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  Some couples may wonder whether it is suitable to take wedding photos in winter. They think the weather is too cold and there is no good scenery. First of all, there is no denying that winter is the low season of wedding photography, but this is the same reason as the discount of the seasonal clothing, the wedding gauze photo system in this period must be the most preferential, the...


the advantages of taking wedding photos in detail

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  Maybe we each person's mind, of course, want to have a say the urge to go away, put down everything, just to pursue the most beautiful place in the heart, with his heart the most beautiful scenery, tourism has become a lot of people's life now, want to take the advantage of his best time when, in the memory of their stay, the most beautiful places in the heard travel wedding photography...


Romantic and relaxed travel wedding photos

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  Every lover, in meet, at first glance, you always feel have too many stories, but the story in your mind, become the most happy thing, may be the thing for a lifetime won't fade over time, each for new people to their partners first impression, it's all because of that moment will stay in a person's heart, so can't walk, can't drive. In order to better present your happiest love, what...


Choose wedding photography carefully

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  When we were young, we were pure. Pure like a piece of white paper, but at that time we still have their own dream, dream what they will do when they grow up. Who ever thought what kind of wedding photos he would take? Afterwards, we slowly grow up, have their own the other half, also began to prepare for photography, wedding photography which good became new people a bitterness, how to...


How to choose wedding flowers

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  Money is an essential part of the wedding, that will take the newcomer to the happiest harbor, money is used to meet the bride, so charmingly car must speed up the flowers became the focus of the decoration on the car, so how to decorate the car? What kind of flowers are used on the wedding car? The roof relative to the front, adornment is difficult, generally don't have flowers,...


Personalized wedding photos make you different

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  More and more young people prefer pursuers the lifestyle of individual character, photography, too, is no longer the same mimicking the other people's footsteps, would prefer to have their wedding photos can be different, can have their own personality. So of course, the wedding photography industry is constantly improving to meet this public demand, so how can we take personalized...

  The beauty of the bride not only embodies in the marriage gauze of pure white and flawless, some pretty accessories make the bride looks more beauty, flowers, hairpin, feathers, crown, pearl will let the bride suddenly nobility is elegant, of course, these accessories are not need how gorgeous, simple, can make a perfect effect. Flower pie: flowers can create a unique style of hair, is...


The most personalized wedding photo style

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  The be fond of of people each are not identical, and perception of beauty is different, so the picture taken when choosing the style is different, and as wedding photography style tend to be diversified, the couple can choose photos style also is very rich and colorful. Chinese style Chinese style wedding photography of chengdu can be improved qipao, can be silk dress, can also copy...


Share tips on taking wedding photos in summer

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  Music wedding selection techniques A complete wedding is made up of many parts, wedding supplies, wedding dresses, wedding venues, wedding hotel, car and so on, have a part I do not know if the couple have noticed, is a wedding music, music can give a person the most profound impression, and were the most emotional side, so the wedding music should choose the right, don't let a person...


Prepare the necessary items for the wedding

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  Getting ready for a wedding is a big thing. Every girl wants her wedding to be memorable and romantic. The scarlet letter, the scarlet letter, is used to decorate the home and the wedding venue. Usually the door is pasted on one, the door of the new person's room is pasted on one, the electric appliance furniture in the home can also be pasted on small happy character. 2 and joyful,...


How to perfect your wedding photos

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  May be due to the tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, now the new is a passion for outdoor wedding photos, into the bosom of nature, breathing the fresh air, and his beloved people together to leave the most beautiful moment, this should be a very romantic thing. But the perfect wedding photo needs not only a good make-up artist and photographer, but also a new couple's own...


The variety of wedding dresses

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  No matter how, we are special hope you have a special wedding, there is a let people remember for a lifetime of photos, now is the tide of fashion s, maybe our after 80 is the most famous of these, in the face of their wedding photos when new people are no longer behave, wedding photos are now pursuing unique wearing different photos to show different, so the bride really popular...

  The most important thing for a bride is to be the most beautiful woman on her wedding day. Choose vogue to suit oneself bridal gown again of course essential! But in the movie studio or wedding shop, try out row after row of wedding dresses, or can not decide. The bride-to-be tries on the wedding dress. What's the trick? The more you try on the wedding dress, the better? Every girl...


How did you choose your wedding dress?

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  Many couples may not know how to answer this question because they have little idea about wedding dresses. Just like the new people in our store, when we ask this question, we are all at a loss. You are search baidu "wear", also cannot find what can give you very careful very clear introduction. It seems that this "imported wedding dress" is just an...


Choose a wedding dress

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  1 Oriental skin color is deep and slant yellow, wear white wedding dress to be able to show the skin color of skin darker mute, and wear ivory color wedding dress more harmonious nature. Powder blue, purple and yellow skin can coordinate can instead of pink, pink orange, pink, green and yellow to match, wear pure white wedding dress will be very good, especially the latter, with the...


How to wear cheongsam more dexterously

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  The MM that chooses cheongsam to shop recently a lot of oh, see a tip on the net, turn for the MM people reference No matter how tall or short you are, opt for a knee-length qipao that is much lighter than a full-length qipao and gives your beautiful shoes more leeway. A pair of beautiful high heels is essential 2, do not think cheongsam can only match the hairstyle that dish becomes...