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With the rapid growth of China's people's economy and the constant change of people's dressing views, people are catching up with fashion more and more quickly, and new couples have higher expectations and requirements on wedding dresses. The demand of marriage gauze market in our country is bigger and bigger, the rate of dress of marriage gauze rises year by year, the production and sale of marriage gauze becomes the hot that numerous enterprises pursue.

In accordance with the depth of the wedding dress industry in China in 2013-2017 strategic planning research and investment analysis report statistic: [1] of 12.5 million to 2010 national register a couple, the number of the continuation of three years to break the 10 million mark. According to incomplete statistics, about 90 percent of newlyweds are willing to spend about 15 percent of their estimated wedding income to buy or rent wedding dresses for wedding photos. Shenzhen wedding dress custom

Now, wedding dresses are nearly saturated in wedding studios in most cities in China, which will only break down in perfection and integration in the future. The growth of wedding dresses in this market is limited. Because the wedding dress personal consumption market just started, so the market growth potential is very big. In addition, with the development of the domestic wedding dress industry and new to dress health and personalized requirements, domestic raised a hot wave of buying wedding dresses, wedding dresses of the surge in consumption.

Wedding dress can refer to the clothing accessories worn on the body, but also can include the part of the veil, holding flowers. The color and style of the wedding dress depend on various factors, including culture, religion and ancient costume trend. The wedding dress comes from the east, which is different from the traditional Chinese dress coat which is mainly red. White wedding dress represents the innocence of the heart, which gradually evolved into the symbol of virginity.

The traditional Chinese style wedding always is given priority to with red, lively red fire, see let a person think happy; On the contrary, the dress of traditional western-style wedding is given priority to with white marriage gauze and black formal attire however, although the color is not very much light, appear holy romance however, formed fierce contrast with Chinese style wedding. And now the old Chinese style wedding, the bride on the wedding banquet is usually put on three sets of dress, the first is the dress, is usually a white wedding dress, the second is to propose a toast to wear the dress, this dress is usually dinner dress, the third set of dress is wearing the dress, usually the bride will wear a cocktail dinner suit.

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