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4 tips for bridal gowns

dodano: 29 czerwca, 04:52 przez stangstyle

  Wedding dress reflect the bride elegant temperament and elegant attitude, now, the vast majority of newcomers are like white wedding dress, also can choose in the wedding ceremony, is also very popular with the brides, and wear a wedding dress made to the bride are also a few Suggestions. 1. Don't choose colorful underwear If wearing red underwear in wedding dress, is bound to the...


Special clothing for wedding day

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  ?Usually wedding is the need for 4 to 5 sets of wedding dresses, in the morning when the wedding is recommended to choose a short paragraph wedding walk more comfortable and convenient, welcome into the store recommended to choose a long wedding to see friends and family is very atmospheric, and finally toast when recommended to choose a dress or cheongsam. You can also choose to change...


Take a wedding photo

dodano: 27 czerwca, 08:14 przez stangstyle

  First of all, the bride and bridegroom should pay attention to it first. We must never wear glasses for wedding photos, because in the spotlight, wearing glasses is very easy to reflect! So we must wear contact lenses to put on wedding photos. Posture. Then let Xiaobian teach you to do a few classic wedding poses. First of all, it is to clamp the arm, and then it is to stretch his chin,...


On the development of wedding dress

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  With the rapid growth of China's people's economy and the constant change of people's dressing views, people are catching up with fashion more and more quickly, and new couples have higher expectations and requirements on wedding dresses. The demand of marriage gauze market in our country is bigger and bigger, the rate of dress of marriage gauze rises year by year, the production and...

  Different shape bridesmaid dresses strategy, in addition to choose their own wedding clothes rack one's brains, the bride for the bridesmaids in shape with different girlfriends when choosing dress is torn, in fact, choose a suitable partner bitch bridesmaid dresses is not difficult, to see different shape bridesmaid dresses strategy, will be a bliss! If you ask your sisters to wear...

  Colorful bridesmaid dresses. Bridesmaids can also be very good, choose a color bridesmaid dresses with characteristics, so that your bridesmaid groups become unique scenery! Color bridesmaid dresses pink bridesmaid dresses Pink is the most commonly used color on bridesmaid dresses. It is very suitable for the bridesmaid of the sweet line. The bowknot of back waist design added a few...


Take a look at the history of royal wedding dresses

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  The history of the royal wedding gown is less than 200 years old. Take a look at the history of royal wedding dresses. Princess Charlotte's wedding dress 1816 The wedding dress is arguably the oldest of its kind to remain intact, with only a few pieces of it older than this one at kensington palace in the UK. In 1816, king George iv's daughter charlotte married the princess and the...


Do not shoot wedding photos will not make new marriage

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  The big event in the newly-married life makes more people willing to spend time preparing for their own wedding. But for some people who don't have enough funds, it is a headache. Some people think that they take wedding photographs. The price will be too expensive, so choose to not take wedding photos, then do not shoot really good. Do not take wedding photos      ...

  The delicate folds of the Korean wedding dress are like the words between lovers. Marchesa's wedding dress combines pleats and flowers to the extreme, allowing the folds to meander into meandering flowers and, sometimes, pomp. The prototype of the wedding dress should be traced back to 700 BC to 700 BC in ancient Greece, the three generations of your dynasty aristocratic women wear in...


The bride's wedding dress photography

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  The choice of wedding dress design is the happiest moment in life, who do not want to present their most beautiful side and keep forever. But how to choose a suitable wedding dress, it seems to be a headache, photography tips to choose good, of course, let the wedding dress fit the body. Choose a once in a lifetime wedding dress, to show their own characteristics and personality....


Bridal wedding photos before the face of small coup

dodano: 15 czerwca, 09:07 przez stangstyle

    Every bride wants to take the most happily beautiful wedding photos. After all, no one wants to take a wedding photo with bad makeup on the skin. Therefore, the maintenance before taking photos is very important. Today, the small editor is sharing with you the bride. Take a small coup before taking a picture. 1. Paying water is very important. The bride should also insist on...


Takeaways for wedding shots

dodano: 15 czerwca, 05:24 przez stangstyle

  Location wedding photos get rid of the shackles of the interior wedding photos, let the new people more close to nature, shoot the most casual feeling, how can we take a good location wedding photos? Xiao Bian today to share with you on the location of wedding photography notes. 1. The natural beauty of nature. Feeling close to nature, the bride's physical and mental pleasure, the...


Wedding style

dodano: 14 czerwca, 05:17 przez stangstyle

  Everyone like the wedding photos of style is different, in the era of the pursuit of fashion and classic, wedding photographs popular style is also different, small make up today to share with you the style wedding photos. Monochrome is beautiful Speaking of monochromatic background photos, many newcomers feel monochromatic background is monotonous, but as long as the photographer...


What are the dress styles

dodano: 13 czerwca, 05:16 przez stangstyle

  As the name implies, the PROM dress is more like the dress of a princess. The biggest feature of this kind of dress is the high-waisted and high-waisted skirt designer. There are usually multiple layers of yarn or skirt support inside. The wedding dress at first sight and the ball seems to be no different, in fact, difference is very big, this wedding dress is not wide skirt, but a...


Use gestures to create a wedding atmosphere

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  I believe that many newcomers will be overwhelmed by their own gestures when they take a wedding photo, how to put on a beautiful pose to shoot the most beautiful wedding photos? Xiaobian today to share with you. 1. Avoid parallel lines. The so-called parallel line, simply put, the new man's arms and legs are parallel, so it will inevitably look dull, dull, the best solution is to...


Bridal wedding photos before the face of small coup

dodano: 11 czerwca, 08:38 przez stangstyle

    Every bride wants to take the most happily beautiful wedding photos. After all, no one wants to take a wedding photograph when the skin is not good on the makeup. Therefore, the maintenance before taking photos is very important. 1. Paying water is very important. The bride should also insist on drinking water every day, try to drink some mineral water without additives, of...


Wedding photography happiness begins here

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  Photographing wedding photographs is indispensable in the process of marriage. If the aesthetics of people are changing along with the improvement of living standards, the general wedding photography institutions cannot satisfy modern people at all, only those brands and levels. High talent makes people think more about it, and wedding photography is definitely able to meet these...


Ruffled wedding dress design

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  The pleated wedding dresses are mainly made of their own fabrics, which are plastic and changeable. Frill design means that the fabric is folded according to a certain method or law, so that it has the texture effect of streamline, rhythm, and rhythm. If the folded pleats are unfolded, the effect of irregularities can be seen. The raised folds are called peaks and the valleys are...


Wear white wedding dress with taboo

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  1. White wedding dresses must not be equipped with red shoes. Because the red shoes jumped into the fire pit, they could not bring red flowers, red belts, red pants and other red things, because white represents purity, while red is the opposite. White wedding dress with white, gold or silver shoes. 2. As with the shoes, there are often brides wearing red underwear when wearing a...


Find the perfect wedding dress that suits you best

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  People say that the wedding day is the most beautiful time in a woman's life. The United States once took a picture of the bridegroom. When the bridegroom saw her dressed in a white wedding dress, the expression was full of surprises, as if she had seen her goddess. . Why do girls have such charm when they put on a wedding dress? Therefore, finding the wedding dress that suits you is an...


The color of a pure white wedding dress

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  Wedding dress is not white, requests the bride to connect tire with the whole body is snow-white, the queen began in the Victorian era, when they were white represents happy, and then to enhance the holy and the meaning of loyalty, the married woman, not to wear white wedding dress, more make the marriage gauze of pure white monolith noble position. Let's follow hu qiu's wedding dress....


A white wedding dress

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Elegant white gauze of brief paragraph wedding dress design will foil the bride more beautiful, upper body golden design for the bridal gown of the type that wipe a bosom increased the bright spot, lets the white elegant bridal gown style show would not be so dull. Whole is made of elegant white yarn the bride pure dress, sense of irregular fold design make this wedding dress with elegant...