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 This is the time of year Helen Wilson just about lives with a tape measure around her neck, dress clamps in hand and a box of pins nearby.

  Wilson is the owner of Bridal Country, a formalwear store that has been doing business in downtown Smyrna for more than 40 years. Next door is Wilson’s Photography, her husband George Wilson’s studio that started in 1977. She opened her doors a year later.

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  “I left my job in Murfreesboro to join him,” Helen Wilson said. “We were concerned we might not be able to make it financially so we met a lady at a show that was going out of business and we bought her wedding gown stock.

  “The dresses seemed like a good thing to compliment the weddings he was shooting, and for years, along with some accessories and tux rental, that is all I sold,” she added. “The prom gowns came later and they are the majority of what I sell.”Read more at:cheap bridesmaid dresses melbourne | bridesmaid dress sydney

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