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Couple Reportedly Headed For Divorce

dodano: 23 stycznia, 08:42 przez stangstyle

There is trouble in paradise yet again for reality couple Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett. The former pro-baller has been spotted without his wedding ring causing many to believe that he and Kendra will finally go through with the divorce that they’ve been putting on hold for a while now. Kendra and Hank were the perfect couple up until three years ago. The 35-year-old was exposed...


7 Things That Will Definitely Surprise You About Having a Di

dodano: 19 stycznia, 08:35 przez stangstyle

If you've ever wondered what it's like to have a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding, prepare to be blown away. After chatting with Korri McFann, marketing director at Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons, and a Disney bride who experienced the magic firsthand, I'll admit that I'm now considering having a DFTW myself. From the unexpectedly reasonable pricing to the stress-free planning...



dodano: 15 stycznia, 09:09 przez stangstyle

Radiation from laptop and computer screens have always blessed the rostrum of our debates. There have been lots of views on laptop-computer radiation effects on your skin and health. But there is one thing that is established and it is that there are several negative impacts of the IT radiation on your skin as well health. Do Laptops Emit Harmful Radiation? Before going any deep into this...


Alva event offers perspective on women's history

dodano: 6 stycznia, 08:28 przez stangstyle

Involving residents of the present with the past is always a challenge for the keepers of history. How to make what happened long ago engaging? Compelling even? But it’s a challenge to which preservationists must rise if they’re to survive and preserve their riches for those who’ll come next. Sometimes, though, the challenge is lightened by a brilliant bit of connection,...