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How comfort and cosiness became cool

dodano: 26 października 2017 przez stangstyle

Bridget Jones – classic comedy heroine, maker of blue soup, dating disaster … style icon? Get used to it. Bridget’s heartbreak look – the pyjamas, messy hair and, crucially, the duvet – could feasibly have been spotted on the moodboards of very important designers for autumn/winter 2017. That duvet – reworked into a coat – has come out of hiding,...


Ringing in Pakistani bridal week with wedding bells

dodano: 19 października 2017 przez stangstyle

Pakistan has two seasons — the summer and wedding season. Both influence fashion trends in the country, with the summer catwalks boasting cool, comfortable clothing and the wedding season runways offering attention-grabbing outfits fit for a princess. The country’s booming fashion industry puts a great deal of effort into dressing wedding-goers for the events that litter the...


Wedding Advice from Newlyweds

dodano: 10 października 2017 przez stangstyle

Is there anything you would have done differently? Danielle: In order to save money for our wedding, we got married on a Sunday afternoon ... in hindsight we think it would have been better to get married on a Saturday evening. Many guests were from out of town and left our reception early in order to be home for work Monday morning. Did you experience any wedding-day snafus, and how did...