Francis Libiran brings bridal trunk show in Davao City

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LOOKS like more brides can now achieve their dream weddings as Francis Libiran brings his bridal couture on a Trunk Show trip around the country. In a bid to reach out to as many Filipino brides who aspire to wear classy and elegant wedding gowns, the world-renowned designer along with his team voyages on a trip hopping from one city to another in the Philippines to give soon-to-be-married...


How comfort and cosiness became cool

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Bridget Jones – classic comedy heroine, maker of blue soup, dating disaster … style icon? Get used to it. Bridget’s heartbreak look – the pyjamas, messy hair and, crucially, the duvet – could feasibly have been spotted on the moodboards of very important designers for autumn/winter 2017. That duvet – reworked into a coat – has come out of hiding,...


Ringing in Pakistani bridal week with wedding bells

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Pakistan has two seasons — the summer and wedding season. Both influence fashion trends in the country, with the summer catwalks boasting cool, comfortable clothing and the wedding season runways offering attention-grabbing outfits fit for a princess. The country’s booming fashion industry puts a great deal of effort into dressing wedding-goers for the events that litter the...


Wedding Advice from Newlyweds

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Is there anything you would have done differently? Danielle: In order to save money for our wedding, we got married on a Sunday afternoon ... in hindsight we think it would have been better to get married on a Saturday evening. Many guests were from out of town and left our reception early in order to be home for work Monday morning. Did you experience any wedding-day snafus, and how did...


Cheat sheet: seven things to know about the Burberry show

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The supers were out in force Kate Moss arrived and ascended the stairs with fellow super Naomi Campbell before joining Jourdan Dunn in their seats. Moss was wearing a trademark black leather jacket and sunglasses while Campbell donned a tartan shirt and electric pink skirt. The now- and next-gen represented Kaia and Presley Gerber both walked the show, as did Adwoa Aboah alongside Jean...


Tips to keep in mind before going for facial rejuvenation

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Before opting for botox, natural fillers and other facial rejuvenation procedures, it is important to plan it all out and make some well informed choices, say experts. Ravi K. Mahajan, cosmetic surgeon at Amandeep Hospital and Sachin Chavre, plastic surgeon at Fortis Hospital, have listed out few steps that should be taken before you go for the procedures: * Finding the right expert: A...


The Weeknd Just Crashed a Couple's Wedding

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Now, these are two wedding crashers we definitely wouldn't kick out. In fact, we'd invite them to stay for cake! The Weeknd, with his sweetheart Selena Gomez in tow, just crashed a bride and groom's wedding photo shoot in New York City. Wedding pics with The Weeknd?! Raise your hand if you're jealous! Practically since news broke of their romance back in January, it seems like everyone has...


some last minute tips from Instagram's most stylish

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The first day of September might be upon us, and with it a back-to-school attitude comprising thoughts of how you're going to revamp your workwear for the new season and when you can squeeze in that trip to Muji, but for some lucky people the best (and by the best, we mean a holiday somewhere gorgeous and sunny) is yet to come. Heading somewhere hot in September? Here is a handful of...


Here We Are

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Burberry is introducing a new photography exhibition, titled "Here We Are," that will open during London Fashion Week. The exhibition, which explores "the British way of life and character," will be displayed over three floors at the fashion house's new show venue, Old Sessions House, in Clerkenwell, London. The showcase will feature over 200 works from more than 30...


Autumn 2017 fashion trends

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Autumn 2017 fashion trends We may only be halfway through our proper summer, but it would be foolish to ignore the fresh batch of autumn 2017 trends that is just around the corner. From futuristic fabrics, to tonal dressing, fashion’s throwing some frivolous, and some revolutionary ideas our way next season - and there’s nothing to stop you from getting ahead of the pack and...